10 More Evil Video Game Villains You Couldn't Wait To Kill

Victory has never tasted so sweet.

Baldur God of War
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It's not easy to create a video game villain that maintains a rivalry with the player for potentially tens - if not hundreds - of hours. They're either shown too much or not enough, with developers constantly trying to find ways to make them intimidating and powerful even when it comes at the detriment of common sense and the logic of the world they've created.

When a game gets this right, though, it can initiate a bloodlust in the player that's insatiable. Yeah you can analyse the writing, performances or design of gaming villains and try to figure if they're any good, but the biggest sign that the developers have crafted someone special is whether or not the players want nothing more than to drive a hatchet into their face.

We've covered a bunch of these before - and the utter euphoria that comes with finally overcoming hours of mental and physical torture in order to deliver some swift, sweet revenge on these deliciously devilish villains - but that was just the tip of the iceberg...

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