10 (More) Forgotten Video Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

Since 2003, almost fifteen Call of Duty titles have been released, and the series shows no signs of slowing down. The market for video game sequels is huge, as high game prices mean people are reluctant to venture money on any franchise they€™re unsure about. Every now and then, however, a potentially great series falls by the wayside (for whatever reason), ending up as nothing more than a footnote in gaming history. These games may be remembered fondly by a few, but for the most part have all but vanished in the mists of time €“ and that€™s a shame. We recently published a list of ten forgotten video game franchises that need to make a comeback, but then quickly realised there are plenty more that deserved a mention. So let€™s explore, in this list, 10 more dead video game franchises that desperately require a revival amidst the waves of Halo's and Pro Evo's.

10. Blast Corps

BlastCorps A truck carrying a pair of defective nuclear missiles is careering through the countryside, and will explode catastrophically upon impact with...well, anything. Quick, call the Blast Corps. Blast Corps was a 1997 N64 game from Rare which involved managing a variety of different vehicles to clear a path for the errant truck (by bulldozing buildings, laying dynamite etc) under a strict time limit. There were some puzzle elements, but the majority of the game involved simply destroying as much as you could as fast as possible, with the later levels offering you some truly impressive machinery to get the job done. The game offered extremely addictive, mindless fun, and there€™s no reason it couldn't appeal to a whole new generation €“ especially with a map-maker feature and supped up graphics (imagine the carnage and explosions of the original with a modern graphics engine). Has Rare done anything else worth noting recently?
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