10 (More) Forgotten Video Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

9. Parappa the Rapper

It€™s the classic story; dog meets flower and learns karate, how to drive and cookery in an attempt to win her heart, all through the medium of rap. One of the strangest mainstream games ever released, Parappa the Rapper for the Playstation was basically a precursor to Guitar Hero and was the first ever highly successful rhythm game, involving carefully timed button presses in order to proceed through the games levels. While the gameplay lives on in other titles within the genre it spawned, it€™s the game€™s quirky humour and bizarre plot which make it deserving of a sequel. Parappa the Rapper 2, for the PS2, was less innovative and charming than the original, and its poor performance probably resulted in the death of the franchise, which is a shame, because the first game€™s songs were extremely catchy (vastly superior to most of what you€™ll see nowadays on MTV, in fact) and characters like Prince Fleaswallow (the Jamaican frog running a fleamarket) and Mooselini (the moose driving instructor) merit another appearance.
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