10 More GENIUS Ways Video Games Fought Cheaters

These games ensured cheaters wouldn't prosper - in hilarious, amazing fashion.

Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Revolver Ocelot

While it isn't accurate to say that cheaters never prosper in the world of gaming - or in life, honestly - developers are well aware that if they give players an inch, they'll take a mile where exploits, hacks, and cheats are concerned.

Cheating means different things to different games, and honestly, unless you're disrupting an online game, most people probably don't care what you do in a walled-off single-player experience. It's all good fun, right?

All the same, the sheer pervasiveness of cheating in games has forced developers to get smart, and devise some truly mesmerising means to punish and defend their games against cheaters.

Following up our previous article on the subject, here comes another 10 video games which did something truly unique, creative, and perhaps even hilarious while battling cheaters of all kinds.

In some cases the developers were clearly just poking light fun at cheaters, while in others their devilish punishment was more serious-minded and intended to act as a deterrent.

Either way, the sheer ingenuity to come up with these solutions speaks for itself, with each in turn leaving cheaters absolutely dumbfounded...

10. The "Nude Cheat" Makes Lara Explode Instead - Tomb Raider II

Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Revolver Ocelot

In the case of the Tomb Raider franchise, developers Core Design weren't so much bothered about players cheating to beat the original game - they included cheat codes in it after all - but rather their dogged fascination with a mythic "nude cheat."

After the first Tomb Raider took the world by storm in 1996, a rumour spread through playgrounds the world over that the devs had included a secret cheat code which allowed players to see Lara Croft entirely sans-clothing.

Without any such cheat being uncovered, though, modders took matters into their own hands, creating a "Nude Raider" patch for the PC version of the game which indeed allowed players to run around as Lara in the buff.

Core Design weren't particularly thrilled about this, and so devised a novel solution of-sorts - trolling the hell out of anyone trying to input the supposed nude cheat in Tomb Raider II.

Word quickly did the rounds - likely circulated by the devs themselves - that the sequel did indeed feature a nude cheat, as ended up printed in a host of gaming magazines at the time.

But the twist? Inputting the sequence instead resulted in Lara spontaneously exploding in mid-air, effectively flipping the bird to thirsty players in hilariously tongue-in-cheek fashion.


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