10 More GENIUS Ways Video Games Fought Cheaters

9. Cheaters Are Put On Trial & Pelted With Tomatoes - Runescape

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In 2012, more than a decade after MMORPG RuneScape hit the market, developers Jagex released a new area to the game called Botany Bay - effectively a prison where players caught using bots and hacks to automate play were put on trial in front of an assembled crowd of their human peers.

The "Botfinder General" would give the offending player a scathing verbal dressing-down all while they're pelted with rotten tomatoes by players, before the General finds them guilty and asks all players present to vote on their fate.

The possible outcomes include being crushed to death from above, devoured by a worm, or incinerated by a ray of light.

The first time a player is caught botting, they'll receive a 24-hour ban, followed by a 48-hour ban on a second offense, and on their third infraction they'll be permanently banned.

That's pretty damn fair, honestly, giving transgressive players three opportunities to get on the straight and narrow before casting them into the digital abyss.


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