10 More Infuriating Video Game Levels You Forgot You Hated

Uncharted's jet ski sections can go all the way to Hell.

uncharted drakes fortune jet ski
Naughty Dog

There isn't a gamer out there who hasn't suffered through the experience of happily playing a fantastic game only to hit a terrible level that totally sapped your will to keep playing.

It doesn't matter how great the game might otherwise be, because these levels are so aggravating for one reason or another that they temporarily sour you on the entire experience.

Perhaps the level is long, tedious, and repetitive, or maybe it's a particularly terrible example of the most maligned types of video game missions (if you know, you know).

It might simply be clear that the developers didn't have enough time to polish the level to an acceptable standard, or that it's totally at odds with the rest of the game.

Whatever the reason, these are the levels that you vaguely recall when considering a replay of these otherwise excellent games, which give you a moment for pause before committing to a new playthrough. "Do I really want to put myself through that again?"

Following up our previous article on the subject, we're once again eschewing the obvious Zelda Water Temple and GoldenEye escort mission in favour of soul-destroying levels that just might've slipped your mind...

10. Escorting Emma Emmerich - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

uncharted drakes fortune jet ski

Every Metal Gear Solid game has at least one aggravating level you wish wasn't there, but nothing tops the section in the second game where you're forced to babysit Otacon's terrified sister Emma Emmerich.

Because Hideo Kojima is a world-class troll, he designs this part of the game around two of the most maligned mission types in video game history: escort missions and underwater levels.

Players have to help move Emma safely through the Big Shell, and she's basically less-than-useless, lacking even the faintest sense of self-preservation instinct as she walks headlong into enemies and, uh, bugs.

You need to clear the path ahead and literally hold her hand throughout the mission. Oh, and because she's scared of water, you also have to carry her on your back through some disorientating underwater passages.

To make matters even worse, Emma ends up being brutally murdered by Vamp at the end of this sequence, making it all feel a bit redundant, story be-damned.

Every time you think about re-playing Sons of Liberty, you'll get a vague flash of this tedious, overbaked sequence and possibly think better of it.

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