10 More Movies That Need To Be Video Games

9. Falling Down (1993)

Plays Like - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Incredible Crisis Developer - Rockstar Games The fact that Joel Schumacher€™s excellent one man against the world drama was somewhat controversial during its original release lends itself perfectly to Rockstar Games, the leading developer of games intended for mature audiences. It'd be refreshing to play a free-roaming crime sim in which your character isn't already an established criminal, but simply a stuffy nobody who eventually loses it under the pressures of modern life. A disgruntled unemployed defense worker in a shirt and tie is exactly what the well-worn genre needs. Ok, maybe I'm alone in my desire to play a game in which you walk around Los Angeles as a disenfranchised Michael Douglas, but then it has already been envisioned as a spoof retro platformer from the good ol' days when every single movie became a side-scroller. Achievements/Trophies The Customer Is Always Right - Purchase a Whammy Burger I would've gotcha - Complete the game London Bridge - Find all of Robert Duvall's hidden snowglobes
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