10 More Movies That Need To Be Video Games

With the success of Spidey film tie-in The Amazing Spider-Man, we offer up another 10 movies that need to be games.

Mark Webb€™s reboot of Spider-Man isn't just doing big business at the box office. The video game tie-in has also spun itself a respectable tally of sales, and has snagged itself a peak position in recent gaming charts. It's not the only video game based on a film that we'll see this year either. Other upcoming games based on big movies include Disney's Wreck It-Ralph, Aliens: Colonial Marines and a smorgasbord of different Bond films in the Skyfall tie-in 007 Legends. But while many upcoming summer blockbusters will inevitably be transformed into video games of varying quality, are there any films which have already been released that also deserve to make the jump onto game consoles ? As a follow-up to our earlier list of 10 films which have the potential to become awesome video games, here€™s another batch of classic - and not-so-classic - flicks which should be transformed into virtual romps.

10. Psycho (1960)

Plays Like €“ Hotel Giant, Theme HospitalDeveloper €“ Bullfrog/Maxis It€™d be fair to say that a stay in The Bates Motel is somewhat tainted by that fact that you€™ll probably be stabbed to death by manager Norman Bates during a steamy shower. To give him some credit though, 99% of the time he's one hell of a good hotel manager. There are always fresh towels in the bathroom, constant room vacancies and the polite offer of sandwiches and milk prepared with clean cu€.cu..cutlery. Sadly the urge to kill while dressed up as his deceased mother does tend to turn away the punters. In Psycho the game you€™ll step into Norman's mums slippers to try and see if you can successfully run the Bates Motel with as few casualties as possible. In the vein of the classic business sim, Psycho requires you to keep an eye on every aspect of successful hotel management - from keeping the rooms tidy to balancing the cheques and keeping the guests happy. Be careful though, as if you make too many mistakes you€™ll unleash mother, resulting in a messy killing spree and an unwelcome visit from detective Arbogast. Achievements/Trophies Oh God, Mother! Blood ! Blood ! - Kill your first guest No Vacancies - Fill up every room Peep Show - Watch a guest taking a shower
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