10 More Pointless Video Game Details That Will Blow Your Mind

Dogs mourning their owners in Watch Dogs 2 will have you in tears.


The main problem with designing video games is that a good chunk of a developer's work will either never be seen by the majority of players, or brushed past without so much of a glance. Especially as releases get bigger and bigger, players are constantly moving from one objective to the next, rarely lingering in one place too long or seeking out the finer details.

Consequently, this has led to some games being labelled as lazy, with the focus being on broad technical features like resolution and framerate, rather than on the immersive, painstaking touches which can take years to get right.

However that's perhaps part of the problem; these fine details aren't even noticed by a huge portion of the audience, resulting in them being perceived as being "pointless" in the face of a title's graphical capabilities.

Still, you can't blame players too much for thinking this way, as occasionally developers put so much time into tiny details that could have been better spent on making the games themselves better.

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