10 More Pointless Video Game Details That Will Blow Your Mind

10. Crysis 3's Top-Secret Toads

Crytek have always been known for their cutting-edge technology, something which they embraced to comedic lengths when debuting their latest engine alongside Crysis 3. Focusing on a bunch of new features that would push the third game to even higher highs than the second, the one that caught the most attention was the top-secret toad tessellation that promised to make for the most realistic amphibians in all of gaming.

Though they don't affect anything, these toads can be found throughout the title, jumping around reeds in the water and generally being pretty chill considering they're living in a nuclear wasteland.

Sure, they look pretty beautiful, flawlessly rendered and fully formed, but their inclusion and the focus put on them - even if it was tongue in cheek - seemed to point towards Crytek's tendency to prioritise style over substance.

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