10 More Video Game Mistakes Left In To Troll You

It's not a bug, it's a feature. Apparently.

elder scrolls v skyrim giant

Now that we’re decades into the phenomenon of video games and they’ve more than established themselves as a staple in most households, it’s safe to say that some video game developers have decided to mix it up a bit.

As video games get more popular, expansive, and expensive for that matter, you might expect they’d ship with less bugs and glitches. Of course we know this isn’t the case and, to be fair, sometimes slip ups in video game code and unanticipated glitches just can’t be helped. Thankfully, not every glitch, bug, or mistake needs to leave such a bad taste in the mouth of gamers, or at the very least if they do, developers might decide to leave in said ‘oops’ and get a giggle out of it.

So at least somebody’s having a good time, even if the players have been left feeling misled at best and completely mocked at worst.

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