10 More Video Game Secrets You Weren't Supposed To Find

Well, at least they were honest.

Video games are jam packed full of secrets, some of these are easter eggs that developers are stoked for you to pick up on but not all hidden things are meant to be found.

In some instances developers seemed downright shocked you’ve managed to achieve the impossible by finding places you weren’t supposed to.

On other occasions they just left things in the game assuming they’d never be found, and then there are the times certain devs snuck a sex minigame into their wildly popular action-adventure getting themselves in quite a lot of trouble with the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

If any of those sounded entertaining to you, boy do I have a good list for you today.


10. Talking To Stockholm - Fallout 3

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In Fallout 3’s sprawling settlement Megaton there’s plenty of things to do and people to talk to. So there’s no reason for you to waste your time trying to get to an inaccessible platform to talk to the only person you can’t reach, right? No, this is a video game, of course we want to get up there.

Look up above the entrance to the city and you’ll spot Stockholm perched on the walkway above the main gate. This is all very well but there’s no way for you to get up there. Well, almost no way. Players who used console commands on the PC version, exploits involving the VATS system, or just executed some enviable platforming would be able to get themselves onto the platform with Stockholm.

After your impressive parkour you can head on over to initiate a casual chat.

At this point he’ll complain that he doesn’t have time to talk to you as he’s supposed to be watching for raiders. After which he’ll remark, “How the hell did you get up here, anyway?” If that’s not validation of the potential hours it took you trying to get up there I don’t know what is.

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