10 More Video Game Secrets You Weren't Supposed To Find

9. Ghost Town - Grand Theft Auto III

ghost town gta 3

This is the first but not the last time GTA will pop up on this list as you may have guessed from my intro, but this one is really cool.

Some very clever players discovered what would come to be known as Ghost Town, a walled off three-dimensional area where the initial cutscene of the game takes place. The location can actually be found within the in-game map behind the hills of Shoreside Vale and while you’re certainly not supposed to be able to visit, there are a couple of ways to do so. By either piloting a Dodo around the shoreline until you spot the town or using mods to take a bridge to ShoresideVale’s observatory after which you can drive into the town.

It’s only solid in certain places so not the easiest to navigate but still a very cool little easter egg.

Rockstar Games’ official statement on the area was simply to say, “we wanted it to be somewhere separate from the Liberty map and so we built these few streets floating in space and assumed no one would ever find them.” So I guess Rockstar learned not to underestimate gamers.

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