10 More Video Games You Can Never Finish

Why Did It Have To End Like This?!

Chris Redfield Resident Evil 6

You would think beating a game is a badge of honour that most players hold dear, when in actual fact this isn't the case at all. Just check trophy data. Sure there are completionists out there, but they are a rare breed.

Now, this can be down to any number of things, with games sometimes being just too long or straight-up broken. Even in 2021, now and then a glitch or a bug will slip through the cracks that will still survive the dreaded day one patch.

With video games being so massive and having so many people working on them in today’s industry, this is kind of understandable - it is a miracle that games ship at all. But then there are others where it feels like a crime a game shipped in the state it did.

That or sometimes one-off players might be just so unfortunate to certain events that stop them from beating a game. We've covered this phenomenon before, but with this list, we're looking at ten more times this happened.


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