10 Video Games You Can Never Finish

Madd Dogg, we hardly knew ye.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.jpg
Rockstar Games

With the sheer number of moving parts involved in the creation of any video game, it's little surprise that virtually every major game ships with a ton of bugs and glitches for players to laugh and/or cry at.

And while smart developers are able to implement oversight systems to combat potential issues - such as the Halo series throwing players back to a previous checkpoint if they die so many times, as a failsafe against glitches - not every game is quite so forward-thinking.

Case in point, we have these 10 games, most of them great and a few of them even masterful, which shipped to stores with glitches in tow that weren't merely inconvenient, but quite literally game-breaking.

Though these games worked fine for many players, those unlucky enough to encounter the fatal glitch were generally forced to start the game again from the very beginning, use an exploit to circumvent the issue or seek out another version of the game entirely.

In each case, the developers goofed something rotten, and even if the problem was ultimately fixed, nobody can give all those wasted hours back...


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