10 MORE Video Games You’ll Never 100%

From Breath of the Wild to Monster Hunter: World, you're never seeing the end.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild

There are so many different kinds of gamers. Some of us are super fickle, flitting from game to game without ever completing anything until their backlog is the size of the Chrysler Building.

Then there are those gamers who are relatively disciplined and focused, seeing things through to the final credits, but never touching them after. The issue with this approach is that, depending on the genre, you’ve only really scratched the surface. Lots of titles are built around the very concept of 100% completion.

Some can be technically ‘finished’ in 4 to 5 hours, but offer closer to 100 hours of content, in terms of repeat playthroughs and seeing absolutely everything. That’s what keeps completionists and trophy/achievement hunters going: The opportunity to finally say they rinsed a game of every last drop of entertainment it offers.

This is so much easier with some titles than others. Whether it's incredibly difficult trophy lists, super frustrating in-game challenges (Monster Hunter: World) or simply enormous games (Fire: Emblem: Three Houses), there are plenty of games that are impossible to 100%.

10. The Binding Of Isaac

Zelda Breath Of The Wild
Edmund McMillen/ Florian Himsel

The Binding of Isaac first released back in 2011, a challenging roguelike inspired by the Biblical tale of the same name. Fleeing his mother into the basement of the family home, Isaac descends into a nightmarish world of monsters, gore and poop jokes, armed only with his own tears (which he fires as projectiles). You probably know the basic setup, but you may not know how expansive this package came to be.

Why You’ll Never 100% It:

Beneath its simple veneer, The Binding of Isaac hides a great wealth of content, a lot of which is devastatingly difficult. After the game’s original, rather humble release, multiple expansions arrived. They arrived to great fanfare at that, as the game became more and more popular.

There are multiple characters to unlock, some of which (such as Azazel) completely change the player’s approach to the game. They each have their own challenges to complete, tied to the difficulty selection, Greed Mode (a sort of survival gauntlet) and more.

With hidden paths, optional bosses, utterly obscure achievements and the knowledge that you may never find that optimal loadout twice, it’s truly, truly difficult to see everything this game has to offer.


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