10 Most Anticipated Features In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

10. Choosing Your Island's Layout


While this option has somewhat been available in previous games, we've never had this much freedom in designing the base location for our player character to move into. In previous games, you would be given a simple option to choose between four images. These showed the same size of town, but allowed you to select which placement of shops and bridges you preferred.

Now, however, it's a whole new ballpark. Or island.

When setting up your new game, you will still get the classic four image option. However, you will now be able to pick between a set of completely different islands, each with an entirely different shape, layout and, location of lakes running through your new home. Plus, it'll be up to you to decide where villagers are allowed to build their houses! So no more destroyed flower beds that you spent hours perfecting.


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