10 Most Baffling Crossovers In Video Game History

Remember that time Mega Man fought... RYU?!

Poker Night 2

Despite the potential for success, the complicated nature of different publishers owning different characters doesn't make it easy for video game crossovers to happen, so it's no surprise that it's always a big deal when heroes and villains from radically different franchises do come face to face.

Certain genres are more open to sharing than others, as fighting games feature crossovers all the time, with the likes of Marvel Vs. Capcom building an entire empire on blending two universes together, while party games and racers are also eager to nab outsider characters or locations to broaden their appeal as much as possible.

However, while any worlds colliding is always a little exciting no matter who's involved, there have been more than a few times throughout gaming history that developers and publishers have given fans an event that left everyone involved scratching their heads.

Whether it was characters showing up out of nowhere, hints that separate longstanding universes are actually connected or entire game types being stitched onto established franchises, the strangest thing about these crossovers isn't only that they happened in the first place, but that some actually worked...

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