10 Most Beloved Supporting Characters In The Legend Of Zelda

5. Navi

Midna Twilight Princess

To some, it will seem as though the rules initially laid out have been broken as Navi's signature 'Hey, Listen!!' has haunted gamers for years but, in truth, this is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

Not only does Navi possess an encyclopedic knowledge of nearly every foe Link faces throughout Ocarina of Time, she also acts as the conduit for the revolutionary Z Targeting system that made the game such a joy to play. Is this why Navi is so beloved? No, this is why she is useful.

She is one of the most beloved Zelda characters because she gave the 'boy without a fairy' his chance at acceptance amongst the Kokiri.

She truly cared for Link's wellbeing and is distraught when Ganon's magic proves too strong for her to help in the final battle and, finally, she was the lost friend that Link was searching for at the very beginning of Majora's Mask.

Tatl was a great companion in Majora's Mask, but she could never measure up to Link's very first fairy partner and it was heartwarming to see her appear in the non-canon Hyrule Warriors, albeit briefly, and not directly named in the European release.


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