10 Most Beloved Supporting Characters In The Legend Of Zelda

6. Darunia 

Midna Twilight Princess

The Sage of Fire himself, Darunia is first introduced as a serious, stoic leader of the Goron people in Ocarina of Time. Unyielding in his demeanour, Darunia stands firm and refuses to allow Link to enter the Dodongo's Cavern or hand over the Goron Ruby the young hero so desperately needs to continue his quest.

That is... until Link produces his trusty ocarina and plays Hyrule's equivalent of a dance classic: Saria's Song. Upon hearing the jilting melody, Darunia's rough exterior cracks and he becomes the very first Zelda character to dance like nobody's watching.

As if handing over the Goron Bracelet, permitting Link access to the cavern and gifting him the Goron Ruby wasn't enough, his off screen sacrifice in the Fire Temple was borne out of nothing less than saving his people from the danger that lurked within.

Darunia didn't succeed in his attempt to protect his people but he did awaken as the Fire Sage and name his son after Link, his sworn brother. You can't say that's not the actions of a beloved character.


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