10 Most Bizarre Gaming Features We Just Accept

If gamers wanted ultra realism, we'd go outside.


Gamers are a curious bunch.

Video games are the ultimate form of escapism, putting us in control of a wizard, a star football player, or a Jedi Knight to live out our dragon slaying, Champions League winning, lightsaber wielding fantasies.

We often consider ourselves 'Pro' or 'Hard core' players, who don't go in for that colourful kiddie stuff, and wouldn't be seen dead playing Candy Crush on a mobile phone.

Yet gamers are also perhaps the most gullible, forgiving, and easily influenced group in the pantheon of modern day fandoms, accepting the questionable and ignoring the ridiculous.

Virtually every genre in gaming has within it countless elements which are so outlandish or just plain weird that their existence and continued usage in our favourite titles would definitely be pointed out and remarked upon by others.

Gamers, though, do not question them; we take them in our stride and play on, continuing our love affair with games of all genres.

The real world can be a difficult and depressing place at times, so it is no wonder gamers are so happy to swallow illogical logic and nonsensical common sense with every new game we play.

With that in mind, here are the ten most bizarre gaming features we just accept.

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