10 Most Bizarre Gaming Features We Just Accept

10. Blood Spattered Camera


A modern example, this one, and a mainstay of the FPS genre.

Upon removing the classic health bar system of old from modern FPS titles, developers needed to decide upon a new visual representation of incoming damage.

Cue the advent of the blood spattered camera, and variations on the theme such as the screen becoming increasingly red in vignette as our field of vision is similarly obscured.

While this undoubtedly does the trick as it is pretty difficult to misinterpret a screen covered in blood, if you think about it, it doesn't actually make much sense.

For one thing, there's no actual camera (Seriously, who has a camera for a head?).

Okay, it is true that being shot will likely result in blood spatter, even blood spatter to the face, but it would not linger in your eyes like a carton of milk thrown at a car windscreen.

Gamers, of course, do not question this and just accept it as the norm.

A drop or two of blood on the camera lens is okay, we can take it.

But when the camera is covered, and the blood not only obscures our vision but is accompanied by the tell-tale rumble from the controller, yeah... now we're screwed.

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