10 Most Bizarre Multiplayer Maps In Video Games

The King of Iron Fist Tournament... inside a tomato-throwing festival.


What defines a great multiplayer map, be it for first-person shooters, real-time strategies and so on?

A grand amount of space for players to explore? Various passages, shortcuts and back doors for easy escapes and flanking? Unique and humorous settings that contrast with the main game?

Some games like to push things farther and get very creative with the level designs, either by making them take place in unexpected locations - such as Santa's workshop in a destruction derby vehicular combat game - or by adding neat twists to the gameplay for a unique and memorable experience.

Take first-person shooters, for example. Most will likely take place in a generic, war-torn city or underground military bunker. Interactivity is usually kept to a minimum and there are no lovely music tracks or stand-out features that set it apart from much else from the market.

And then you might make the discovery that a beloved cult-classic shooter from years ago set their level in a swingin' sixties disco, complete with instruments to mess around with and a shiny crystal ball floating above the dance floor.

Without further adieu, here are ten of the most bizarre, weird and wonderful multiplayer maps. Share your experiences, or some of your personal favourites, in the comments below!

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