10 Most Bizarre Multiplayer Maps In Video Games

9. Use The Fish - Rise Of The Triad: Dark War

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3D Realms

Released around the time of Doom II, Rise of the Triad was a cult-classic shooter from 3D Realms and Apogee Software that could've rivalled id Software's game if the hype wasn't so overwhelming. Not only was ROTT pretty wacky and zany with its features, like bounce pads and Dog Mode, it was pretty groundbreaking.

For instance, it was the first ever FPS to allow you to play as a female protagonist, or someone of different skin colour. The multiplayer allowed up to a whopping eleven players to join, compared to a maximum of eight at the time.

There were a chunky plateful of multiplayer (known as COMM-BAT) maps made for the game, too many to boot. So, the self-titled Developers of Incredible Power decided to release some leftovers for free.

It may as well be the only game level in existence that's shaped after the “second dumbest creature in the universe,” the Dopefish.

Dopefish is an iconic character from Commander Keen 4, whose thought pattern was: “Swim, swim, hungry!” He is well known for appearing in other games as an Easter Egg. In fact, the game had a special music jingle made for him, called the 'Fish Polka.'

The entire map is shaped like him. 'Use The Fish' was id Software's response when Apogee asked for permission to put the goofy little fish into their game.

Perhaps more map makers can learn from this; the more Dopefish-shaped maps, the better.

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