10 Most BROKEN Video Game Launches Of The Generation

9. Watch Dogs

Mass Effect Andromeda

By the mid-2010s, Ubisoft were dominating the open world genre. Franchises like Assassin's Creed and Far Cry had proven that they knew what they were doing. So, when modern hacking open world game Watch Dogs was announcement, everything should have been great.

Those gameplay trailers alone were incredible, showing a living, breathing fictional slice of Chicago. The dense population, the amazing weather effects and lifelike action on display was enough to sucker us in.

Clearly we learned nothing from the Dead Island trailer/gameplay fiasco.

Not only did Watch Dogs not look like what was offered, the game was also a buggy mess. Dodgy combat, poorly rendered textures and the real winner; driving a motorbike made you able to clip through most buildings.

The PC version suffered the most, with frequent crashes and glitches throughout. Ubisoft did go on to acknowledge the massive graphical downgrade, before making it eventually playable in its early advertised state.

Console players, though? They just had to "deal with it", as even though most bugs were patched it still looked nothing like it was promised to be.


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