10 Most Brutally Hard First-Person Shooter Levels In Video Game History

Those ones that made you switch to easy mode.

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It’s not controversial to say that most first-person shooters aren’t exactly the most challenging video games out there. In fact, many consumers are content with the standard run, point, and shoot formula that it's become incredibly common across the industry.

Sometimes though, they can surprise you and throw you for a loop when a that comes out of nowhere and metaphorically punches you in the face with its difficulty.

Sure, everyone wants a video game to be challenging to a certain degree, especially a genre like first-person shooters, as it requires a high level of awareness and reaction time, but some levels are so hard that you wonder how the developers could possibly think you can beat it without compromising to a lower difficulty mode.

These are some of the most testing and just plain brutally difficult levels the FPS genre has ever offered...


10. Killzone 2 - Visari Palace

Killzone 2

2009’s Killzone 2 was a marked improvement over its disappointing predecessor; a fun and modestly challenging shooter, at least until its final mission, which sees a sudden spike in difficulty. The finale takes place in and around Visari Palace, home to the founder and leader of the Helghan Empire, whom you must capture alive to end the war.

This level is an hour long without deaths, and is packed with long, drawn out firefights. Your first instinct is of course to hunker down and take the enemies out one by one, but because they constantly respawn whenever you're idle, it forces you to push forward, which can also get you killed. The right balance between these two strategies is necessary to make it to the end, and it can be quite the exhausting experience.

Once you’ve slogged through its entirety, it concludes with a boss battle against the big bad Radec, who is a frustrating opponent due to his agility and ability to go invisible. The entire mission is long, relentless, and often times punishing - annoyingly so on the highest difficulty.

Let’s just say, you’ll be thankful when it’s over.


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