10 Most Brutally Hard First-Person Shooter Levels In Video Game History

9. Far Cry - Volcano

 photo volcano_08.png

The original Far Cry can be a fairly challenging game, but it reaches its peak difficulty near the end during the final mission titled “Volcano,” which has you storm into Dr. Krieger’s laboratory, appropriately nestled in a volcano. This level isn’t hard from start to finish, but there is a specific section of it that attempts to pulverize you into oblivion.

You know things are about to get real when you come across a massive weapons cache full of goodies. From this point you make your way to the core of the volcano, where you face off against Locusts and Fat Boys armed with rocket launchers. These enemies are rather smart and tough to kill, and the open environment makes it hard to hit them while evading their attacks.

Like any challenging FPS, this level is especially hard on the highest difficulty setting, where it only takes one of two hits to kill you. Any attempt to beat it this way requires you to take extra caution and take cover as much as possible; you can’t afford many mistakes.

Take your time and you can get through it, but rush in guns blazing and you’ll end up as mincemeat more often than not.


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