10 Most Controversial Video Game Achievements Ever

From the sexist to the infuriating.

god of war

Achievements and trophies are a huge part of the video game ecosystem these days, to the extent that obsessive "achievement hunters" will literally play games they have no interest in otherwise, solely to knock off an easy 1000G or Platinum trophy.

Achievements tap into the obsessive compulsive part of our brains, compelling us to keep up playing in pursuit of the dopamine hit which accompanies an achievement popping, no matter whether it's actually fun or not.

And while most achievements represent relatively straightforward - if typically time-consuming - tasks, every so often developers arguably take things a little too far, resulting in a backlash from shocked critics and players.

These 10 achievements were controversial for a multitude of reasons, be it for their sexually explicit nature, their encouraging players to be thorough creeps, or simply their maddeningly unfair level of difficulty.

Bar a single exception, each of these achievements continues to live on to this day, ensuring unsuspecting gamers continue to be gobsmacked whenever they pop...


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