10 Most Controversial Video Game Achievements Ever

10. Snake Beater - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection


The Achievement

Get caught by Otacon stimulating yourself.

Why It's Controversial

The Metal Gear Solid games have never made much of an effort to hide creator Hideo Kojima's prevailing horniness, but even for his standards, this achievement from the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is pretty embarrassing in its shameless vulgarity.

During the opening moments of the Tanker prologue, the player must visit Deck A's locker room and find the locker containing a sexy poster of a bikini-clad woman.

Stare at the poster in first-person view for a short while and then call Otacon on the codec, who will hilariously lambaste Snake for getting distracted, all while Snake sports an obvious, mid-stroke "O-face."

The achievement triggers at the end of the codec conversation, at which point you pray that your wife/mother/grandma/aunt doesn't walk into your room. Honestly were it not for the 'cheev being crudely labelled "Snake Beater," it probably wouldn't seem that bad.


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