10 Most Criminally Underrated Video Games Of 2018 (So Far)

Have you played the best co-op game ever?

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As this gaming generation continues to go from strength to strength, we're seeing some of the best games in years dropping left, right and centre.

Whether it be God of War, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Monster Hunter: World, Celeste or Detroit: Become Human, critics have had a ton to rave about, pretty much every month.

That said, when the medium's spotlights have so many subjects to focus on, it's easy to miss the hidden, recommendable B-tier releases that sit right alongside.

To be honest, many peoples' favourite games don't come from the ones that get the most marketing. I guarantee all who played have loved Vanquish, Binary Domain, The Surge and God Hand, for example. Even the almighty Dark Souls started out as an awkward, critically-shaky Demon's Souls, showing that sometimes, you really need to mine past that initial layer of accessibility to get to the good stuff.

Such a rationale is what makes gaming so fascinating, recommendable and enjoyable. Like playable indie films, uniquely choreographed action titles or quirky novels that resonate in brilliantly barmy ways with different people, 2018 too has been no stranger to critically overlooked gems.

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