10 Most Criminally Underrated Video Games Of 2018 (So Far)

10. Jurassic World: Evolution

Jurassic world evolution
Frontier Developments

The movie it's attached to might be one of the dumbest things you could ever watch, but Jurassic World: Evolution is a mighty cool, slickly presented and graphically gorgeous theme park sim.

Setting you up as the titular park's newest manager - complete with Jeff Goldblum chiming in to offer advice - Evolution is just as much about placement of food stands and raptor paddocks as it is performing dino medical checks on the ground and tranquillising the occasional escaped T-Rex.

Marked down for its repetitive structure, just as a visualisation of the splendour and power of dinosaurs juxtaposed against the fragility of humanity, it's bang on. Somewhat bizarrely, you do start to get quests where "testing security" involves literally letting something like the Indoraptor run amok for five minutes, chomping guests as it goes, but it's all in the name of dino-fueled fun.

Morality-discarding, franchise tone-shattering fun... but still.

Third-person driving, shooting and on-foot options go a long way to realising many fans' dreams of wandering around Jurassic World themselves, making this is recommendable through sheer dinosaur-love alone.

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