10 Most Dangerous Enemies In Enter The Gungeon

Even the bullets shoot bullets down here.

enter the gungeon
Dodge Roll

With a bullet ready to steal your last half a heart lurking around every pillar, there's no limit to the dangers skulking in the ever-shifting walls of the Gungeon.

Divided into 6 levels that end with you, the Gungeoneer, heading straight to literal Bullet-Hell. You’ll need every quirky gun and piece of ammo you can find to shoot and dodge roll your way through the challenging and deadly legions of the Gundead.

From wannabe liches, knock-off iron golems, and Dungeons and Dragons rip-offs, nearly every torch lit chamber is packed to the brim with a diverse cast of creepy, cute, and deadly gun and bullet themed creatures. The only bit of respite you'll find is within the shops or when opening a chest, but even then safety isn't guaranteed.

The large variety of enemies with an even larger variety of dispensing death will have you hitting space to quick restart faster than you can say Halls of Knowledge.

You can try your best, but you can never hide or dodge roll away from these producers of pain.

10. Shroomer

enter the gungeon
Dodge Roll

The strongest in terms of health of all the basic Bullet-Kin, the deadliness of this popped cap lies in the fact that it takes advantage of your biggest skill within the Gungeon: The dodge roll, something you use so much it becomes muscle memory. Any moment you aren’t dodge-rolling you’re quickly moving… right into the Shroomers two bullet spread pattern.

You’d think that two measly bullets would be an issue to lose sleep over. However, the Shroomer takes advantage of your agile movements with its unique V-shaped spread, causing you to roll or dash into its bullets rather than around them.

The best strategy to best this bug-eyed nuisance is to simply stand still. Because of its broken gun and broken skull, as long as you stare down the Shroomer it cannot hit you regardless of how hard it tries. It isn’t intelligent enough to maneuver around you so that its goose formation-esq spread connects. Although, this is easier said than done as this strategy is only effective if the Shroomer is the only enemy left in the room.


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