10 Most Disappointing & Expensive Lego Video Game Characters To Unlock

Some characters just aren't worth your hard-earned studs.

Cyborg Superman
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Lego games are known for their expansive roster of unlockable characters. In any movie that becomes a Lego game, if a character is on screen for a split second, they'll most likely end up being playable. What other franchise will let you play as Dexter Jettster?

These characters are usually priced accordingly. If nobody wants to play as someone, they’re probably not going to cost much.

For example, someone like PK Droid is only worth 350 studs, whilst a more desirable character like General Grievous is worth 200,000. Most characters who cost a lot have unique abilities or are at least iconic enough to warrant their hefty price.

The thing is, sometimes the Lego games really overestimate how much studs a character is worth, and sometimes you'll end up coughing up more studs than you want to for a less than desirable character, or if the character is desirable, they're not that desirable.

Yeah, you're going to grab them anyway for that sweet, sweet 100% completion, but they'll usually end up being characters that you pick up last when you have literally nothing else to spend your studs on.

Some characters just make you want to put those red brick stud multipliers on.

10. Mr. DNA - Lego Jurassic World

Cyborg Superman
TT Games

Cost: 500,000 Studs

The problem with Lego Jurassic World is that there aren't many iconic Jurassic Park characters and the ones who are iconic are just given to you throughout the campaign. So who do you select as the expensive endgame character? Mr. DNA, of course.

Mr. DNA is a fun enough character; after playing as 100 different people with slightly different guns it's nice getting a character who's a little bit wackier. The problem is, he's so expensive and doesn't offer much ability-wise.

He can shoot targets which is something most characters in the game can do, is agile which is something all women and a few guys in the game can do, and can solve equation puzzles which again, isn't a rare ability.

You also need to beat the stories of all four Jurassic Park movies to even have the honour to purchase this guy.

It's good that Mr. DNA is in the game, he just probably shouldn't cost that much. He costs more than Steven Spielberg does. Imagine being outpriced by your own creation?!


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