10 Most Disappointing Video Games Of The GENERATION

The ups and downs of the generation that give us whiplash.

Mass Effect Andromeda

With the close of 2020 comes the end of a console generation - one that's seen more ups and downs than the usual rollout of systems, and one where top-tier studios indulged in consumer-abusing practices more than ever.

The last seven years saw the embracement of microtransactions in home console gaming; the notion of dropping £60 on a new title only being your entry fee, with rollouts of cosmetics, weapons and items coming with extra price tags.

We've seen countless IPs and formerly beloved developers wither away or bide their time in markedly hands off fashion, too. While Rockstar turned all their attention towards GTA Online - their only release being Red Dead Redemption 2 - we've seen the death of Konami as a respectable creator. Bethesda's patchwork charms turned into genuinely unfinished products, and EA fast-became everybody's favourite entity to hate after mishandling both Mass Effect and Star Wars.

In all honesty there are TONS of awesome things that came out of the eighth generation too, but boy was it a bumpy road along the way.

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