10 Most Disappointing Video Games Of The GENERATION

10. Anthem

Anthem game

If we're talking disappointments, we have to factor in how much potential something had; how excited people were in the run-up to launch, and what the final product actually was.

In Anthem's case, yes this was the next IP from Bioware, but it was a Bioware that had been notably misfiring for the entire decade.

Where Dragon Age Inquisition was solid enough - if not terribly paced - Mass Effect 3 delivered a notably divisive ending, and Mass Effect Andromeda was a total laughing stock. VERY few people actively believed Anthem would turn that spiralling momentum around, and the game we got was every bit the corporate cash cow wannabe nobody wanted.

EA and Bioware have vowed to reboot Anthem going forward, but at this stage it feels like the servers are only online through sheer denial, because the writing was on the wall from day one.

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