10 Most Disgusting Creatures In Fallout History

Burn them with ALL the fire.

fallout 76

With the Fallout series, developers Bethesda have a playground to create basically anything they want.

All of the Fallout games are set in the Irradiated wastelands of America, and this setting allows Bethesda to put their minds to work and create some of the most disgusting creatures in gaming history.

While Skyrim is notorious for its giant spiders (and rightfully so, those things are horrendous), the Fallout games make anything in the Elder Scrolls look positively tame by comparison.

With every new entry in the Fallout series Bethesda pumps out, you can guarantee that there's something in there that's absolutely horrendous. Whether they've got too many arms or legs, screech in horrible ways or have oozing beehives on their backs (seriously), these creatures should be immediately nuked from afar.

We're looking at all of the games in the Fallout series here for some of the most terrifying and disgusting creatures they have to offer. If you've never played Fallout 76, you'll be surprised to see that Bethesda managed to get some of the worst offenders in that game too!

Ok, sick bags at the ready? Let's get started.

10. Centaur

fallout 76

Basically a bulbous mound of flesh with various protruding limbs, the Centaurs are the absolute embodiment of nightmare fuel.

They're an iconic part of the series and are usually found shuffling around alongside Super Mutants. The very sight of them is enough to make your skin crawl; they look humanoid but are so deformed and mutated they truly are disgusting.

Despite their humanish appearance, Fallout lore states that the Centaur is actually a mix of humans, dogs and cats all mushed together into one. All three of these were thrown into vats filled with the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV) and what came out afterwards looked just like the Centaurs do.

The appearance of the Centaur also varies depending on the location and game it appears in. In Fallout 1 and 2, for example, the Centaur had two heads. In the more modern games such as Fallout 3 and New Vegas, they have a single head.

Not content with making the Centaur look horrific enough in Fallout 3, Bethesda also managed to make it even worse by introducing Evolved Centaurs to New Vegas. These monsters are larger, more deadly and have masses of tumours on their backs too.

The Centaur was left on the cutting room floor for Fallout 4, but in the image above or concept art you can see that the developers were going to lean even more into making the Centaur as horrific as possible.

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