10 Most Disgusting Enemies In Video Game History

Some video game baddies want you to lose your lunch.

Resident evil 7 marguerite

When crafting bad guys for video game heroes to take down, artists often draw from places that make players uncomfortable in different ways. The most obvious place to start, and to get the image of "this is an enemy" across is something angry or evil looking. From there, there's a few different directions.

Whilst many games make creatures that are inhuman and other in intentionally frightening ways, it's just as effective to make enemies that outright disgust us.

Taking the expected and twisting it's form is the quickest way to disgust, turning something run of the mill into something truly foul. Misshapen forms, stretched flesh, bodily fluids and far too much squishing... it's enough to make you truly queasy.

Even those with the strongest stomachs have a limit.

In this list, we'll be looking at some of the most gross foes we've ever had the misfortune of encountering; the kind of bad guys that make it so that no amount of soap will help make our brains feel clean ever again.

10. Fingercreeper - Elden Ring

Resident evil 7 marguerite

The FromSoftware back catalogue has a buffet of beautifully dark and deranged creatures. From Dark Souls to Bloodborne, there are dozens of truly ugly beasts to put out of their misery. Elden Ring, the studio’s most recent outing, didn’t skimp on truly twisted designs.

Enter: the Fingercreeper.

Crawling out of the ground or descending from their resting places on walls, Fingercreepers resemble, as their name suggests, a bundle of crooked, warty digits that have been fused together in strange and confusing ways. It’s not just the way they look either, but also how they move. Fingercreepers scurry around the world like oversized spiders, pulling their mass of flesh around one digit at a time.

It’s one thing to trigger arachnophobia with straight-up realistic tarantula enemies, but to do it in a totally unexpected - and uniquely disgusting - way? It’s a stroke of vile genius. Of course, like many enemies in Elden Ring, the Fingercreepers come in multiple different sizes which only get worse as they go when you think about how large those rotten nails and warts are.

There’s something distinctively alien about these mutated, disembodied limbs with their own sentience and no fear about rushing the player, fingers flailing madly. Yuck.


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