10 Most Disgusting Enemies In Video Game History

9. The Master - Fallout

Resident evil 7 marguerite
Bethesda Softworks

In the original Fallout, The Master takes it upon himself to create a virus to build a race of super mutants. As he does so, he begins to expand his biomass with that of others, losing what makes him human but gaining great insight and charisma from those that he absorbs.

The thing about the Master is that he makes for an incredible villain, one that is interesting to engage with on many levels. From the things that he says, musing upon his own morals and cold logic, to the way he says them as he speaks with multiple different voices that express emotions more viscerally.

On a surface level though? We just wished we didn't have to look at him.

The Master resembles humanity only in so much that he has a head. Around that though, he is just a mess of flesh and organs. Skin is stretched over a screen in ways that don’t make sense and, sticking out to one side is a single suspended, blinking eyeball that hangs like a camera.

In one ending, the player can convince the Master that his plan is flawed to which he dramatically gives up on his pursuit and what remains of his life. It says a lot about the quality of the writing to feel anything about this blob of a former human who looks like nothing in particular.


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