10 Most Disgusting Video Game Deaths

When dying in a quick and easy fashion would be a luxury.

Mortal Kombat 11

Death, unfortunately, comes to us all. Try as hard as you like, there's no escaping it (until I finish The Formula, at least).

If you're lucky, you'll have lived a rich and fulfilling life, only to pass on peacefully surrounded by your loved ones. Or something.

Sadly, the examples on this list prove both hero and villain can succumb to some really disgusting fates. It's fair to say most people don't go about saving the world, only to have their brains melted inside their heads.

Take your eyes, for instance. We need them to see all sorts of lovely things. Can't imagine many of us envisage cooking utensils or heavy machinery being jammed into them, but it happens. Or having the back of your skull punched out by a monosyllabic monster. Having bombs sewn into you. Not on you either- into you.

You'll see.

Now, I should warn that if you're squeamish, these are some very graphic and gruesome deaths. But naturally, we're gamers. It'd be boring if we didn't get to see some meaty deaths in our games. They cater to both the survival instinct to avoid them, as well as the morbid curiosity to see them.

We're a weird bunch.

Can't say you haven't been warned...

10. Making A Wish - Mortal Kombat 9

It would be way too easy to populate this entire list with Mortal Kombat fatalities, brutalities and... rage quits, surprisingly. That Noob Saibot's from MK9 is on here isn't from an impartial lottery, it's here because it's just absolutely disgusting.

The ante has always been upped with each offering, some being silly and implausible, some being a bit cringe-inducing. By the time Mortal Kombat 9 came around in 2011, after a several year hiatus, we were poised to see what HD Mortal Kombat would do.

Turns out, you can render a man being split in half from the bottom up, if you really fancied it. Not to be outdone by Kung Lao slicing someone's head open with his hat-turned-band saw, Noob went one further.

Appearing from the ground in both normal and corporeal form, each one takes a foot and proceeds to recreate that age old tradition normally associated with chicken wishbones.

Quite what the former Sub Zero would wish for, I don't know. But the effort he puts into making this one makes you feel he really wanted it to come true.


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