10 Most Disgusting Video Game Deaths

9. A Split Decision - Until Dawn

It would be too easy to pick from one of the many death scenes in Until Dawn. Over the course of the slasher-inspired horror game, you've got, in no particular order: decapitation, being burnt alive, crushed in a grinder, or having wendigo fingers pierce your brain.

But what makes Josh's death different is that it is not quick. The others, once a choice has been made (or missed), happen more or less instantaneously. Granted, some play out a bit longer for massive effect, but the death itself is pretty quick.

Whereas the trap Ashley and Josh find themselves in drags on for maximum tension. What makes it worse is that despite what choice you make, Josh always dies. So if this were your first playthrough, you'd be helpless if you didn't want him to die.

Instead you get to watch that huge blade draw closer, right up until it carves poor Remi Malek in twain.

Alright, it loses its effect if you've beaten the game before, but for first timer's it's a pretty vicious way to go.

Or is it...?


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