10 Most Disgustingly Grotesque Video Game Bosses

Three words: Spider. Infested. Vagina.

Resident Evil 7 Marguerite

Video games have a lot of unique qualities that put them in better standing than other visual story-telling mediums. Where a book can describe horrifically grotesque monsters, a game can force you up against them and really make your skin crawl.

That's not to devalue other mediums, but there is something to be said about video games and their ability to embody to the gruesome. For every disturbing movie monster, there are a hundred thousand video game beasts that put them to shame. And there are a lot of horrific creations spawned by developers that are truly skin-crawling.

In fact, the creations of some developers stand contrary to the idea that the video game industry is prone to stagnant repetition and vapid replication. Because it takes a certain kind of creative madness to pen these abominations.

So, let's celebrate the putrid, revel in the disgusting and give credit to the absolute insanity that spawned some of gaming's most vile abominations. Because game developers are sometimes... absolutely bloody mental.

10. Mom - The Binding of Isaac

Resident Evil 7 Marguerite
Edmund McMillen

Binding of Isaac is as symbolically grotesque as you can get. Masquerading as a simple roguelike, the game explores deep psychological themes and never flinches at embodying some truly insane stuff. And it is via the game's bosses that some of the most skin-curling creatures are created.

However, when it comes to picking the most grotesque, there will inevitably be a lot of debate. But due to its symbolism, the rather spine-tingling design and motivation behind the boss, mom takes the cake. There is just something unnerving about the gangrenous leg, riddled with pustules, that makes the player uneasy.

It might not be the most demonically unflinching of bosses, but it is grotesque. Not to mention the backstory of abuse, the metaphorical meaning, and the fact that the entire game builds to this putrid moment.

It's just... creepy.


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