10 Most Disgustingly Grotesque Video Game Bosses

9. The Brood-Mother - Dragon Age: Origins

Resident Evil 7 Marguerite

Why is it that when many creatives want to create something morbid, they more often than not just tape a couple dozen breasts to a desired creature and let them waddle around?

Dragon Age seemed relatively normal. It was high fantasy done right, with Kings and Queens, Knights and Werewolves, and a quest to defeat pure evil. Not to mention that famous fantasy trope of facing down an amalgamated mass of mammaries that pumps out corrupted humans. Remember that part in Lord of the Rings?

It's hard to place just what is so grotesque about the Brood Mother. It is a perversion of something completely normal. There is a reason that a lot of horror deals with twisted representations of very real things. The Brood Mother is simply just an R-rated Ursula from the Little Mermaid.

Try getting that out of your head.


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