10 Most Disturbing Clowns In Video Games

Gaming clowns that are less likely to make you laugh, and more likely to make you bleed.

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"Clowns - I hate clowns" says Nathan Drake, as the credits roll on Uncharted 2. And you know what? There are millions of people who agree with him.

Clowns have been spooking pop-culture enthusiasts for generations, from 1990's It miniseries, to Twisty the deranged killer in American Horror Story. They used to be something that kids looked at with laughter, but now, they're symbols of pure horror, whether they're on the page, on the screen, or standing on a street corner for no good reason.

They're also big in the video game realm, and even though Mr. Drake never had a run-in with a clown during his treasure-hunting career, there are many other video games in which they do appear, and usually... they're really quite disturbing.

Whether it's a quick cameo or a full-blown character, video games and clowns have a deep, long-running relationship, and since they're normally depicted as the villains, chances are you've murdered quite a few of them if you've been gaming for a significant portion of time.

Alternatively, they might've murdered you - something they are quite likely to do.

10. Zombie Clowns (Left 4 Dead 2)

twisted metal sweet tooth

While murdering your way through Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival campaign, you might notice that some of your infected enemies are wearing bright, stripy pants, with faces caked in makeup.

These horrifying creations are zombie clowns, two words that, shockingly, Hollywood hasn't managed to turn into a franchise yet.

These special enemies behave a lot like the regular hordes of infected you'll fight throughout the game, except that they have the power to call nearby zombies to their position by using their loud, squeaky shoes. Because zombies love squeaky shoes.

On the plus side, they don't have a high amount of health, so even though they look quite scary and they can be quite annoying, they're still pretty easy to defeat.

Basically, there's a silver lining to every situation - even when undead circus freaks are craving your flesh.

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