10 Most Epic Dragon Boss Battles In Video Games

Literally the coolest thing you could ever fight. Ever.

Dragon age inquisition

Being one of the many staples of the fantasy genre and often a must have inclusion in almost anything remotely fantasy related, dragons are everywhere. In TV shows, movies and of course video games, the flying serpents are just plain cool, and frankly the more there are, the better any given world tends to be.

With wise and brilliant dragons like Skyrim's Paarthurnax, who make every conversation with them profound and immensely entertaining, there is no reason not to include more dragons. But for every heroic appearance, there are often the devilish monsters that seek to burn and pillage, often leading to more entertaining avenues inside their respective video games.

Dragon boss fights are amongst some of the best and most entertaining in boss fight history, with the winged beasts claiming the top spots in a lot of peoples lists. But today I intend to focus solely on the terrifying monsters of the air, and list the top ten dragon boss fights in video game history.


10. Ridley - Metroid


What's better than a dragon? A space dragon... thing.

Ridley is the arch nemesis of Samus Aran and is a recurring enemy in the Metroid series. Being a space pirate, you might not think that Ridley can get any cooler, but you'd be wrong. Where do you go from being a space dragon pirate? Well aside from all that, he also features in some of the trickier and fun boss fights in the series.

Often taking quite a while to master Ridley, not only being a fan favourite, is one of the harder challenges the series offers, with each appearance adding new enhancements and abilities. Fighting against him is frantic fun ad incredibly challenging for any player not entirely familiar with the game.

While not even being the official main antagonist of the series, Ridley is still the boss that lingers on as the big bad of the series despite showing no indication of it ever being so. Not only serving as the perfect challenge in his own game, but being one of the best dragon fights in history.

I mean he's space dragon who is also a pirate? And who got remade as a robot. Feels like Nintendo threw darts at a dartboard and made a character wherever they landed. Not a bad way to design characters, especially when this is the end result.


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