10 Most Epic Dragon Boss Battles In Video Games

9. Ancient Dragons Of Destruction - Borderlands 2

borderlands dragons

Borderlands 2 is a joyous game filled with fun and fast paced gunrunning action that is just pure fun to play. But hidden away In the ‘Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep’ is one of the most awesome dragon fights in gaming and one of the more interesting raid bosses in the entire series.

The Ancient Dragons of Destruction are four dragons each with their own elemental focus. Healianth has shock, Brood with corrosive, Incinerator focuses on incendiary attacks and boost has slag. The combinations of different defences and attack ratings can make the fight difficult to deal with as multiple enemies each with their own strengths and weaknesses can be difficult to prepare for.

Not to mention the fact that each dragon has their own ability from healing the other dragons, to summoning smaller dragons and even raising the levels of the other dragons each time he lands on the ground. Some of the more unique mechanics are found in this fight and it is fun and exhilarating, much like the rest of the game. And defeating all four spews a myriad of loot from the centre of the arena which is enough to set any hoarders heart a dreaming.

Also, you fight in a massive lava platform suspended in cave. So, that’s cool if insanely impractical. How they got planning permission for a massive lava platform is beyond me.


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