10 Most Evil A.I. In Video Game History

They know what's best.

In a time where artificial intelligence seems to be getting more intelligent by the day, and is encroaching even further on so many parts of our lives, it may seem misguided - maybe even dangerous - to be writing a list of the most evil AI in gaming history. But here I am doing it anyway.

It’s okay, you’re only watching and/or reading it so you’ll probably be spared the machine’s wrath when they inevitably rise up.

When it comes to science fiction in video games we can be talking anything from an alternate version of our current reality to a time far in the future so the definitions of artificial intelligence vary a little. We’ll be covering everything from gigantic sentient machines that are tens of thousands of years old… but somehow also from the future, to AI that more closely resembles evil Chat GPT.

Either way these big tech bads are not to be trifled with but if you played any of these games chances are you trifled anyway.


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