10 Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Characters

The worst of the worst.

gta 4 dimitri rascalov

If there's one thing the much-loved Grand Theft Auto series has never been short on, it's utter scumbags.

Brimming with unsavoury figures from the world of organised crime, the GTA writer's room frequently went that extra mile to provide players with memorably horrible individuals. Considering series' protagonists are usually knee-deep in criminal activity to begin with, the ante has to be upped for the antagonists of the game to feel like the worser party.

Often praised for assembling colourful casts of crooked characters for each game, Rockstar spared no expense when it comes to creating memorably evil figures for the GTA universe.

For more seasoned players, it's clear that just about every character one encounters is a potential backstabber. From rats to greedy crooks out to cut the competition, no one is ever quite what they seem. Beyond that, there are the more standard gun-brandishing killers and corrupt authority figures to tangle with as well.

The seminal series, originally best known for revolutionising the open world genre, has left fans spoilt for choice when it comes to the most monstrously sinister characters.

10. Catalina

gta 4 dimitri rascalov

In a franchise brimming with backstabbers, few do it quite so religiously as this drug cartel menace.

In San Andreas, Catalina often serves as a darkly hilarious figure, putting protagonist CJ through the wringer time and time again. Unsurprisingly, the pair's tortured romance comes to an end, with Catalina winding up with GTA III protagonist, Claude.

The eerily silent Claude's grim betrayal and subsequent revenge odyssey against Catalina make up much of the beloved series' third instalment. For those who played GTA III before San Andreas though, it can be quite jarring to witness just how different Catalina is beforehand.

GTA III shows off her wicked side with gusto, something that's only really matched by the bloodthirsty cruelty of Claude himself. Later on in the game, now in danger thanks to her bitter ex-lover, Catalina goes ahead and betrays another associate, gunning down her partner in crime, Miguel.

Like so many of her actions in the game, betraying Miguel comes back to bite her when the hapless crook is tortured beyond belief to give up information about her crimes.


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