10 Most Evil Grand Theft Auto Characters

9. Claude

gta 4 dimitri rascalov

Speaking of GTA III, its eerily quiet lead character is seemingly devoid of any real redeeming features. Kicking the game off with a near-fatal betrayal at the hands of his girlfriend Catalina, the vengeful Claude spends much of the rest of the game rising through the murky world of organised crime.

From taking out Triads to blowing up drug labs, the emotionless Claude breezes through ultra-violent assignments without even flinching.

One positive that can be said for Claude is that most of the characters around him are so evilly awful, that his own villainous ways aren't quite so obvious. Coupled with his typically reserved demeanour, the quiet anti-hero isn't over-the-top or outrageous in his actions like so many of GTA's more colourful characters over the years.

However, considering his almost psychopathic approach to crime, coupled with the staggering number of deaths he's responsible for, it's safe to say Claude is one of the series' deadliest figures. The fact that he ultimately sinks three major crime organisations in the name of revenge on his ex-girlfriend makes him both one of the most dangerous and most petty figures in all of GTA.


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