10 Most Frustrating Spells For Dungeon Masters

"Please don't cast it...please don't cast it....please don't cast it..."

Wizards of the Coast

Dungeons and Dragons puts the world at the fingertips of players. In the ultimate fantasy, players can shape characters who can bend the world to their will through the use of a variety of physical and magical abilities. Whether you want to fly, be able to detect anyone telling a lie, or simply will a pile of gold into existence, there are very few things accomplished players cannot accomplish.

That doesn't mean, However, that every spell is a welcome sight. For Dungeon Masters, those dedicated individuals who craft adventures for the players to undertake, there are some spells which are whispered in hushed tones. Those that they can only wait with baited breath, hoping against hope they won't have their plans immediately ruined for yet again.

But then the inevitable happens. A complex series of situations, hazards, and obstacles laid before the party, guaranteeing an evening of challenging fun is off the table with a few simple spells. Good Dungeon Masters often prepare for such eventualities, but players are often so empowered its unlikely they can defend against all of them.

Here are ten spells guaranteed to keep poor Dungeon Masters up at night, cradling their stuffed Owlbear.


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