10 Most Hated Resident Evil Enemies Of All Time

F this frog.


Over the many different sights and sounds in the Resident Evil franchise, there's always been something to illicit the worst fears in some players. Zombies lumbering after you, dogs bursting through windows and not to mention all kinds of flying nuisance to freak you out.

Yet whilst many are terrifying and scary, there's a contingent that are just downright hated. Loathed, even.

It's not necessarily the biggest and baddest, either. It can be the smallest of slithery nuisances that bring out the vitriol, the sheer rage at being caught by one. There's a few in here that have carried that hatred over several games as a legacy, whilst there are others that just had that one appearance to cement that reputation.

Stretchy armed mutants, mutated versions of basic enemies, hard-to-kill mutants, even gross drain monsters that do unspeakable things to you.

The criteria is broad, too. It's not solely that they're indestructible, or that there are hoards upon hoards of them. Of course, that is the case with a couple.

It's just that they're so damned obnoxious that they deserve every ounce of ire they've brought upon themselves. So let's have a look at ten of the most downright annoying and hated enemies that Resident Evil has thrust upon us.


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